How is this my job?
21.08.17 | How is this my job?
There are some days in the studio that really make me take a step back & think… how is this my job? The majority of my work days are so varied & full of so much […]
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Studio News - Surtex 2016!
27.04.16 | Studio News - Surtex 2016!
Welcome back to another exciting studio news feature as we get closer to exhibiting at Surtex 2016 with the Lilla Rogers Studio! We have been busily working away in the studio, creating new designs, a new […]
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Studio News - Milestones!
06.04.16 | Studio News - Milestones!
Hello lovely followers! This week’s studio news is all about milestones & how we are growing rapidly as a wonderful community! I recently passed 6000 followers on my personal Twitter & 4000 on my personal Instagram! I […]
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Studio News - Updated Portfolio
24.02.16 | Studio News - Updated Portfolio
Hope you are having a fantastic day! In this week’s studio news we are sharing some updates from Rachael’s portfolio, including designs that were showcased at Printsource, New York. From unusual florals & fun buttons to […]
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