FREE CLASS 5 Ways To Monetise Your Designs

I’m so excited to be the lead tutor on this FREE live class from Make it in Design. I will never forget that feeling of when I sold my first piece of art, & it’s a feeling that never goes away no matter how much I sell. I want you to experience this too. 5 Ways To Monetise Your Designs, Experience and Creativity is here to help you take that next step, land that dream client & help you get your work SOLD.

I created this class to help you add new income streams to your business & to demystify the worlds of licensing, selling, manufacturing & more. Gain the knowledge & confidence to push your creativity further, & not only make money from your art but learn to enjoy every step of the process as you explore new profitable avenues.

The class includes 5 x video lessons, 5 creative assignments PLUS a bonus live Q&A with myself. We start live on February 27th – come join me!