Cuban Design Adventures!

I’ve just been lucky enough to get to go on my second visit to Colour Heaven aka Havana, Cuba! For this trip I avoided the main routes around the city & went off the beaten track a little more to capture an array of colour palettes & to purposely see many different sights to last time, it has been a short but sweet & inspiring return visit but I was really happy to have dedicated sketchbook time. How refreshing are these colour palettes though!? ????

I’m not usually into cars & things but in Cuba the cars are rather fit & the city itself still feels very much set in the 1950’s. I love the fact that you can’t find a Starbucks or a McDonalds here anywhere in this country too & it’s so refreshing, there is simply epic friendly Cuban vibes & lots of rum!

I think Cuba is now my most favourite country ever! ???? I’m excited to see what I come up with after filling my sketchbooks (from Pink Pig if you’d like to know the ones I use!) I’m so lucky to have visited for a second time & had the chance to explore more locations. I’d happily name Cuba as my second home!

I’m also especially grateful for our Make it in Design online community that spans across a 100 countries, the students have definitely inspired me to travel more! As long as I have a sketchbook, drawing pens, a camera & my laptop (& WiFi at times), then I can pretty much work from anywhere in the world. I’d encourage anyone who can to do the same!

You can find more of my colourful travels on my Instagram. Come say hi!