We were recently excited to see Rachael’s outdoor studio shed featured on Gardeningetc’s article ‘She shed ideas: 13 ways to create the ultimate garden hideaway’!

You can find Rachael’s ‘Rainbow Daydream’ shed featured twice in the list for being a work from home ‘she shed’:

“Working from home will always be a pleasure in a separate space like this. This she shed, created by print and pattern designer and entrepreneur Rachael Taylor, is big enough to store work materials and fit in a large desk. The bright coral front doors make for a vibrant and welcoming entrance, setting you up perfectly for a good day at the office. We love how the plant pots are painted in the same colours as the interior, blurring the boundary between inside and out.”

And for her innovative & unique flooring that she custom designed:

“Your flooring can go a long way to transforming the entire feel of your she shed. This colourful design, created by owner Rachael Taylor, is perfect for creating an energising workspace.”

You can find the full article here.