Pretty Illustration!

On the blog today I’d like to introduce you all to the talented freelance illustrator Julie clay. I use to work which Julie a few years back at Hallmark, where she worked as part of the super talented illustration team. Julie recently got in touch via email, it was lovely to hear from her & to find out about all the fab things she has been doing.

A bit of info about Julie:
“I worked as an Illustrator in the Greeting Card Industry for 25 years and so have lots of experience and really love what I do with a passion. I have been freelance for 18months now, prior to that working in-house at Hallmark Cards for 10 years.
I like to experiment with techniques, styles and ideas and constantly look to creating new work. My sketchbooks are in constant use with lots of inspiration from nature, although I do like to create cute characters that spring form my head into my sketchbooks. I mainly work ‘hands on’ most recently in a loose watercolour style”.
You can contact Julie via email at [email protected]  if you are interested in her work, or would like to get in touch.
Below are a selection of beautifully illustrated images, the pretty water colour flowers are my fave!