Hello Everyone! It’s Moni here, I will be taking over the blogposts this week and will try to bring you some fun and interesting bits to inspire you.

Today I want to show you Wallypockets, the prettiest and greatest idea I’ve seen in a while for all of us out there with no garden space and no evident green fingers.
I like these for a number of reasons, first of all the modular living wall system is made of 100% recycled water bottles, second you can put them in any environment and they will be al right (see how they work here).  I also love the fact that the pockets can go on the wall, so you can create a living piece of art which is a different and lovely idea.
There are several indoor and outdoor, vertical or horizontal options, any way they are beautiful, fun and kind to the environment.
Take a look at their website  and get inspired. Love Moni