Happy Monday everyone! It’s Moni here, looking after the blog for this week. 28 days has February, how exciting! I said goodbye to the month this weekend in a really fun way.  Like I said on my last post, I want to bring you something special to every part of the house and today, as an idea I was given this weekend, I want to focus on the dining area.
Food and eating are a very important part of our lives and even though we don’t have much time now a days there is nothing better than a nice banquet. In order to do that you need a nice set of plates, china or however you want to call it.  It’s hard to chose one and it’s usually quite expensive. 
I went pottery painting this weekend and my friend said how cool it would be if for a wedding present you invited all your friends out for a pottery painting day and have them paint you a unique set.  
I found just the place to do this.  
Create Cafe is a lovely little place hidden in the heart of Ilkley.  At the top of a beautiful arcade, this little cafe is the best place to spend a lovely artsy afternoon with a nice coffee and lots of creative atmosphere. Divided into 2 sections, pottery and knitting, this is an ideal place to have a birthday party, take your kids or even have a girly hen party. You should definitely visit them! Why don’t  you check out their website first.
There you go, next weekend’s plans, sorted! have fun, Love Moni!