Hello Hello!
I have confession to make, I only just sent my Christmas present to my family last week, oops!  That’s a bit later than I wanted but I think I was instantly forgiven because I sent the greatest card ever.  I found it in a bookshop next to the new innovative products and it’s just one of the most, fun, cool and cute cards I’ve ever seen.

Based in London, independent company Another Studio for Design is the creator of the PostCardens!
They aim to create charming products with an environmental friendly touch.
The PostCardens are postcards with a lovely surprise on the inside.  This is a card you will open, interact with and look at for days finding it different every time.
Presented as a box, once you open it, it will be your job to grow your own little garden inside.  Your postcard will turn into a little piece of landscape that will grow wildly and enjoy for days.

I love the idea of getting a greeting which is a present, I like the fact that you will keep it and interact with it and this time look twice after you’ve received it.

There are several different themed cards you can get, Christmas, allotment, city, football and botanical and you can post it just like any other postcard.

Check out their website  and get one! maybe even post it to yourself! See you next week, Love Moni!