Do what you love!

Happy Friday:)

Today I’d like to introduce to a fab, amazing creative retreat that’s coming up this May! (11-15 2011) It’s called ‘Do what you love’ & has been organized by the super talented & inspirational Beth Nicholls.

Beth herself has had a pretty amazing career & exciting life “Chosen as one of the UK’s 16 most exciting young female entrepreneurs” so I was very honoured when she invited me to the event as a guest speaker! So I’m super excited & hope to see some of you all there! I feel very blessed 🙂

For further information about the retreat or booking a place simply visit the wonderful website 

“Imagine a magical place in an area of outstanding natural beauty, deep in the ancient English countryside.  A place where you can escape from everyday life, reconnect with the real you, and nurture your creative spirit.
Imagine a time when you are free to indulge your creativity. When you can step out of your creative comfort zone and take risks, supported by a warm community of like-minded souls.  And all this under the guidance of an outstanding teacher.
Imagine a space where you can explore the ideas you have been quietly sheltering for so long.  Where they will be motivated by inspiring entrepreneurs and where, nurtured by your new community, your self-belief will soar.  Where you can grow your creative business ideas, or simply plant the seed of belief that you really can find a way to do what you love, for life.
All this exists.
You can find it at the Do What You Love retreat (May 11-15, 2011).
It will be an intimate gathering of creative souls, sharing a special journey of change.
Everything will be taken care of.  You just have to take care of yourself”.
What you waiting for? get booking!

*photo credit: natural retreats