Wow Artist!

Hello everyone!  As you know Rachael Taylor Designs was part of the BCTF this week.  It was really nice meeting different artists and designers there and walking around was a very inspiring treat.  In the next few weeks I will be bringing you some of the fantastic exhibitors that we loved.
I would like to start with our ultimate favourite, not only ours, she was actually given the Wow Factor award, voted by the exhibitors of the fair for the most impressive work!

If you haven’t heard of her yet, remember her name because her work is amazing!
Meet Helaina Sharpley! She is a designer-maker who creates beautifully detailed 2D and 3D wirework pieces.
There is no better description than to say she illustrates with wire, creating intricate and delicate pieces which are quirky and fun.
Showing a real love for tea and the rituals around it, lots of her work relate to this theme.
Her work is beautiful, refreshing and impressive and I really want one for myself!
Want to see some more! Have a look at her website.  You`ll love her too.  See you next week, Love Moni!