DIY Decor

Today seems like a good day for a DIY decor tip, don’t you think?  I bet we all have some kind of useless inanimate object somewhere at home that doesn’t work and can’t be removed or hidden.  That was the case with an old phone in the middle of my living room, ugly, visible and dead.  I hated the sight of a nice wall ruined by it, so I decided to take action and turn it into part of the decor with a bit of DIY.  All it took was some lovely Kath Kidston napkins, some glue and voilà, loveliness created.  
This technique is called Decoupage.  It is a simple and very easy way of giving things a twist, from objects to furniture.  You can find beautiful napkin designs everywhere and it is pretty easy to do too. Here are some photos of the finished product and some more examples of decoupage art. Get creative! Have a lovely day! Love Moni!