She’s Leaving Home

Happy Thursday!  I always love being on the lookout for interesting books with beautiful illustrations and a fun different twist on them.  This week I found the gorgeous She’s Leaving Home by Australia’s celebrity Monica Trapaga. It is basically a cookery book for mothers to give their daughters when they are leaving home.  I’m not a mother and I left home a while ago so I’m not exactly the target audience, but this lovely book is much more than just that. With stunning illustrations by Meredith Gaston, this little gem of a book is a picturesque journey through the essentials of cooking.  I love the way it is broken down and how it creates a sort of nostalgia through each page.  I think it would be a lovely gift to give someone as their first cooking book. Although I don’t think this one belongs in the  kitchen.  Do have a look and enjoy!  Here is the website if you’re interested in more info. Love Moni!