Web Design Published!

#Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m super excited to announce that my website and it’s fun design have been featured & published in a brand new book called ‘Websites 3’ by Zeixs. I’ve been very lucky to be featured in numerous publications in the last year, this one really came as a great suprise as I’m a surface designer certainly not a web designer. My site is very personal to me & I really wanted it reflect my personality & design style whilst showcasing my portfolio in a friendly, fun yet professional way. It was quite a challenge getting the balance right. It took a while to come up with the look & styling & I was quite particular about it too! I really enjoyed working on the design, it took a lot of hours & late nights but the hard work really did pay off.

I designed the pages, graphics & the overall styling all of the clever programming & quirky layout was down to my friend (who’s a super talented & very patient web designer) He had to work with all my crazy ideas & somehow make the magic happen!

We are very lucky that the design made the back cover too! As one of the tiny snippets showcasing the websites featured in book!:)