Ideal Bookshelf…

Good morning and a happy Monday folks!

Okay so it may be a little late to be thinking of Christmas presents but what I’m featuring today I would definitely buy as a treat for myself! This is absolutely for all you book lovers out there!

Jane Mount, the creator of ‘Ideal Bookshelf’ is a painter and illustrator creating the most beautifully drawn pictures of books. In her own words she paints ‘people’s ideal bookshelves: your favorite books, books that changed your life, books that made you who you are.’ Please Santa, bring me one for Christmas!? Check out more of her drawings, most of which are custom made, here.

See if you can guess the theme or even the person they were intended for…

Enjoy! And I will see you in the New Year folks! Kelly 🙂

(Stay tuned…Rachael’s last blog post for 2011 is Friday the 23rd)