Lucie Ellen

Happy 2012 folks! Lets hope its a great year!

For my feature today I am posting some quirky inspiration in the form of Lucie Ellen’s work, which you can find at Etsy. If you’re not sure what Etsy is I recommend you go check it out, there are some wonderful pieces on there that you can gain inspiration from or actually buy!

Lucie Ellen’s work is cute, fun and of course quirky, consisting of a collection of brooches and necklaces based on vintage themes and patterns. Adding to their quirky characteristics, her pieces are made from an unusual material…wood. According to her Esty page, Lucie works from a shed in her garden, ‘creating “lovely things to wear and use” from reclaimed wood and recycled broken vintage china.’ Go Lucie!

Enjoy and have a lovely 2012!
Kelly 🙂