The Libertarian

Morning folks!

This Monday I am sharing with you some truly amazing headwear by The Libertarian. She is a sculptural genious when it comes to creating fantastic pieces as headwear and for any occasion. Designer, maker and founder of The Libertarian, Jayne Elwell, has an aim with her business;

“To provide an imaginative and original alternative to the high street, so that customers can find individual designs that have been made to a high standard and haven’t been massed produced.”

She goes on to state that she wants to “bring freedom to fashion. I don’t want fashion to dictate, I want fashion to celebrate.” I think this is an amzing approach to the fashion industry where originality and a certain amount of rebellion can create amazing design! I’m certainly a fan!

To see more of her lovely ranges click here or to check out her blog for more news.

Enjoy! Kelly 🙂