Valentine’s Range for Marks & Spencer

Apologies that the ‘Wedding Wednesday’ theme has been postponed for a little while. It’s been rather hectic at the #surfacepatternecourse HQ & with licensing & running my own label it’s all gone a bit mad! I LOVE the unknown & the craziness of it all. I wouldn’t have it any other way…:)

Still on the theme of ‘love’ I’d like to share with you a selection of snapshots that showcase my pattern on a Valentine’s range for Marks & Spencer. It’s such a great feeling when you see your designs in the shops! (I have been known to watch over people when they buy my work, I stand there grinning…people must I’m a very strange)
I designed the surface pattern & this Valentine’s card for the talented Tigerprint studio & much to my surprise my pattern swatch was used across their whole range of gift bags.
Thank you Tigerprint!