Parisian Cafes

There’s something about Parisian cafes they are just uber cool & eclectic. I’m dreaming of Paris right now…

Whilst exploring the inspiring boutiques, galleries & fascinating streets in the Montmartre area I stumbled across this amazing cafe. The walls, ceilings & almost every inch of the cafe is adorned with old photographs, letters, love notes, poems, doodles, cards, maps & even money…What a beautiful idea! The cafe had a lovely vintage feel & the unique decoration came from locals, travellers & visitors to the cafe. I really love the idea of keeping a part of you in Paris by leaving a little something behind…how nice would it be to pin something & return in ten years time to see it still displayed.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much as I did. You may also like the texture & colour posts.

You can find the ‘Le Tire Bouchon’ Cafe & Piano Bar located on ‘Rue Orvins’ in the Montmartre area.