Fab Mags

Hello! Sometimes choosing a magazine is tough. There so many different ones out there that it all gets a bit too overwhelming, you can’t buy them all and you can’t browse all day. That’s why today I thought I would give you a list of some of my favourite magazines from the world of art and design. Keep an eye out for them next time you’re looking for an interesting read. See you next Thursday Love Moni.
*Lula Mag (Fashion and Lifestyle): Probably the loveliest fashion magazine out there.  From London and only out twice in a year you will find beautiful photographs, stunning editorials, great articles and interesting people on it’s themed issues.
*Apartamento (‘Everyday life interiors’): A fantastic interiors magazines that features real beautiful happy homes.
*Tank (Fasion): Published 4 times a year this is a stylish and smart read. Featuring colourful editorials and  witty current lifestyle topics. Fantastic fashion.
*idN (Design): This is an international publication seeking to bring the design community together. It is a world of creativity for the world itsself.
*Nobrow (Graphic art, Illustration and Comics): Showcases amazing talent in the world of graphics and illustration.
*Wrap (Illustration and Design): I love this one because it’s a magazine and a product due to the fact that it’s put together so that its large scale pages can be easily detached and used as wrapping paper. Featuring up and coming illustrators, you can read it and re use it.
*Mollie Makes (Crafts): For all you crafts lovers, this mag is full of inspiring projects, great tutorials and lots of templates.

You can watch a wonderful video online here showcasing the innovative ‘Wrap’ magazine!