Module 2 Final Showcase – Part 4

Happy Wednesday!

Another treat for you in the form of the very talented module 2 students taking The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (e-course). We are very proud of all the beautiful designs they have created!

Bright and sketchy ‘Tangerine Hoops’ by Katy Clemmans

Hand-drawn ‘Magnolia Mews’ by Katy Hackney

Bold, celebratory ‘Olympic Fever’ by Lauren Britchford

Translucent ‘La Cucina’ by Leslie Doughty

Bright and layered ‘Dancing Ponies’ by Lisa Budden

Linear pattern in ‘William Circus Lines’ by Liza Lamas

Pretty repeat design ‘Feather Design’ by Liz Smith

Japanese inspired ‘Lots of Me Japa Girl’ by Luciana Haddad

Sketchy and tonal ‘Marching Dots’ by Lucie Duclos

Quirky patterning in ‘Lacy Medallions’ by Maike Thoma

Naturalistic ‘Mevlana Collection’ by Maraya Rodostianos

Feminine product design ‘The Bright Side’ by Veronica Galbraith