Rosie Martinez-Dekker

Hello! As you might remember I had a design competition going a couple of weeks ago in my blog LiMoBliss. Today it is my pleasure to introduce the winner, the lovely Rosie Martinez-Dekker.
Rosie is a Mexican based in The Netherlands, she is a textile designer with a lot of experience in the industry who recently decided to follow her dreams and started Believe Creative Studio with her husband.
The studio specialises in surface, graphic and textile design mainly for children and has got a lovely purpose, to imagine, create and inspire.
Rosie’s designs are fun, colourful and full of joy. She is inspired by nature, colours and emotions and likes to create little stories in every design. It’s nice to see people making their dreams happen. Please visit Rosie’s website or check out her blog, and if you want to see her winning design click here. See you next week. Love Moni!

Rosie is also a talented student from The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)