Every noticed how pretty food comes and goes in trends too? A while ago cupcakes were all the rage in eating, prints and products. I think it is fair to say it is now the era of the Macarons, a very French, very colourful and sweet meringue based confectionery most of the time terribly overpriced but very sought after. When talking about Macarons, it is only fair to think about Ladurée, probably the best known Macaron makers in the world. It is not only their succulent flavours and decades of expertise in the world of patisserie that makes Ladurée special, people queue up outside it’s shops to get a taste of the wonderfully chic and beautiful dream world where you can pretend you’re Marie Antoinette having cakes inside the walls of Versailles. This is a beautifully established brand that personifies luxury and perfection. Be sure to visit their website to see the wide range of products. Enjoy. Love Moni!