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Today is a little special post dedicated to everyone involved in the #surfacepatternecourse from our talented students to our wonderful contributors! THANK YOU!

For those of you that follow the blog you will know all about the new e-course called The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, that myself & Beth Nicholls launched at the end of November 2011. It really has been a labour of love & we recently celebrated with our first group of graduates! We are so proud of them all – as they go out into the world of professional design, we have already celebrated licensing deals, features in books, launches of new studios, exhibitions at top trade shows and top prizes in national design competitions. We cannot wait to see what is next for them! Perhaps even more importantly, we have seen the impact it has had on people’s lives. I’ve been really touched by the kind, generous words that we have received about the course. Here are some of the testimonials our class have shared: 

“Life changing and inspiring. This course should be included in the 5 year plan of anyone who is interested in a career in Surface Pattern Design!”
“This course teaches you what is really important to become a surface pattern designer. It provides the overview you don’t have as a beginner, full of incredible insider tips and fun exercises, that keep you going. If you only manage to do a third of its content, it’ll change your life!”
“It’s a course that gave me all the information and inspiration I need to make my dreams come true. Now it only depends on me!”
“Amazing! Life-changing and addictive.”
“If you’ve always wondered how to get your art and designs on home goods, wallpaper, clothing, etc, this is the course that helps you achieve this dream.”
“Yesterday I said to friend: “This was the best thing I have done in years”.”
“It is intense and very exciting, inspiring and stimulating.”
“You poured yourselves into this. Every thought and consideration was made. The course was full of personality and passion and I can’t believe how much Rachael shared. It was beautifully designed, communicated really well, and really well managed. I really couldn’t have made the life change that I have (given up my job! yikes) to follow my heart. This course has given me knowledge and confidence to get going.” 

‘Kaleidoscope Floral’ from Bethan Westran

   ‘An Apple A Day’ from The Print Tree

“This course has blown my mind! I feel like I can take ownership of my own destiny. No one has ever said to me that I have a right to do this before! I have had some negative influences so I think that the positive energy that Rachael radiates and the way that the course is structured is the best part. I don’t have the words but above all this course is a bargain!! Nothing is missing…it’s perfect. It’s challenging enough to make you think and deal with stuff you would rather put aside (eg legal, finance, being pro-active, networking) and inspirational to get you creatively motivated.
“The Art and Business of Surface Pattern design course has changed my life. It has provided me the opportunity to go after a long time dream. I have always been surrounded by design in my professional career but never formally trained. Now, I feel this course has provided me the necessary skills and opportunities to make my dream a reality. Rachel and Beth, thank you so much for creating an amazing course.”
“This course helped me gain confidence, as an artist and a person I am very shy and have had many moments of doubting myself in the past. Sharing my work with other creative, kind and encouraging people helped me realize that I do have what it takes as long as I assert myself. If you are shy like myself I say take this course ! It has helped me so much, Rachael and Beth you really have created something very special. I am fully committed to working towards my dream and thanks to this course I am one step closer.”
“It’s full of vital information and a very strong support group. It’s a vital course to help give new surface pattern designers and ones that want to set up business the confidence to just go for it.”

Enchanted Winter from Phyllida Coroneo
“Inspiring, full of detail and dedication, total value for money.”
“This is an INtense, INdepth, INspiring and FUN course about surface pattern design! Get IN! Not only is the coursework great but there are many opportunities to take advantage of that could open doors for you.”
“It has provided me with a structure to beginning my life as a freelance designer and going back to the basics of creating. It is so important to do all 3 modules if you can, because it gives you a real sense of community and support along with great advice and resources, links and things that I would never had found on my own. It’s a special journey designing your own way…but even more special to share!”
“Not only business facts, but an amazing insight into the industry, encouragement to seek out which path is right for you and the support you need to actually make it happen.”
“Life changing! Content-rich, insightful and inspiring. Not just a course but a place to make friends.”
“I just can’t thank you both enough for making this wonderful course happen. I wish there were another 3 modules. I would sign up now! It has been the best decision I ever made, completely invaluable to the start my business.”
“I honestly don’t think I could have made so much progress in a year had it not been for this course and the framework it provided me to get back into doing what I love. There are so many good things about it; it is so accessible – there is no snobbery; everyone is encouraged and nurtured no matter what stage they are at. There is so much invaluable information and insight, so many tips, realistic briefs and amazing live briefs and other opportunities.”
“I know several people who are unable to study surface pattern design at degree level because of financial and practical reasons. This course would definitely be an alternative route for them.”
“Being a self taught printer and homeware designer, the modules have given me the technical background and creative permission to believe in my potential and my future in this field. Thank you so much Rachael and Beth for showing us how to do what we love for life!”
“WAAAAAHHH. It’s over! I think the fact that you helped get our names out in the real world is an amazing aspect that I never anticipated.”
“This course should be added to every art degree syllabus!”
“This course is the best thing that happened to me for years!!! I love the incredibly supportive, positive and motivating creative atmosphere! This is so rare. Thanks so much for your hard work behind the scenes and for sharing your knowledge with us. I’m on a mission to make this world more happy and beautiful now!”
“Thank you for being so thoughtful in every aspect. As I’m Brazilian, I found the audio transcripts really helpful! Thank you, you’re helping me to change my life for the better!”
“I can only say how grateful I am for all the educational material, the links, the insights, the energy and the love I felt through the whole course.”
“LOVED IT!! The course has empowered me to start my own business and makes me excited about what the future holds.”

Roots Cornflour collection from  Bonnie Christine

Cute ‘Ickle Friends’ by Diane Davies
If you want to join us for the next module (Module 2 Creating your professional identity) you’d better be quick – it starts on Monday June 18! Find out more and register here.