Module 3 Graduate Showcase – Part 2

Happy Monday everyone!
Today we are showcasing more wonderful designs for you today from our e-course graduates! Follow the links below each image to find out more information about each of our lovely & talented students!
You may also like to read part 1 of the showcase here. We hope you enjoy looking at the beautiful designs.

‘Cardamine’ by Natalie Alexander
‘Lace Hearts’ by Natalie Alexander
Sketchy ‘Folk Flowers’ by Jolene Heckman
Motif repeat in ‘Multi-Floral’ by Jolene Heckman
Pretty floral ‘Aliumi’ Collection by Katy Clemmans
Colourful ‘Building Blocks’ pattern by Katy Clemmans

Bright and floral ‘Posies’ by Lauren Britchford
Bold and linear ‘Whirlygig’ by Lauren Britchford
Geometric ‘Jubilee Diamonds’ by Maike Thoma
Repeat pattern in ‘Art Deco Collection’ Maike Thoma
‘Mother’s Day Collection’ by Claire Caudwell
‘Tulip Collection’ by Claire Caudwell
‘Light Curves’ by Claire Leggett

‘Lollipop Flowers’ by Claire Leggett
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