Wanelo & Pinterest

Good morning everyone! 
Recently we have set up online profiles on Wanelo and Pinterest, which makes it very easy to see all of Rachael’s online collections in one place! From her collaborations with DENY Designs to her creations with Seascape Lamps, you can view them all online!
One of the great things about Wanelo is that you can create shopping lists and wish lists online, that you can share! There is even a ‘pin it’ button that lets you pin straight to Pinterest! Have fun sharing and visit Rachael’s Wanelo profile here!
Pinterest has now become an essential creative tool for ‘pinning’ creative ideas and influence onto an online clipboard, and just like wanelo you can use it as your very own online shopping list! You can see all of Rachael’s products on her Pinterest profile, enjoy pinning!
Have a lovely day! Kelly 🙂