Alumni Success!

During module 3 of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’ we invited a number of prestigious companies to set live briefs for our students. One innovative brief was to design a wallpaper/wall mural range for with a ‘Jubilee’ theme. The results were fantastic, we were blown away by the designs & we are thriled to announce that  four of our recent alumni were sselected by Wallpapered! Suzanne Washington, Mel Smith, Sian Elin & Alice Perry were all signed & all have ranges available online now! You can see a selection of their images below as well as some of the wonderful designs of other talented e-course graduates! We are so proud!

‘London 2012’ by Suzanne Washington

‘Royal Shindig’ by Suzanne Washington
‘Crown’ by Mel Smith
‘Crown Roomset’ by Mel Smith
‘Jubilee’ by Sian Elin
‘Jubilee Mock-up’ by Sian Elin

‘Queen As Cameo In-Situ’ by Jacqueline Auvigne

‘Queen As Cameo’ by Jacqueline Auvigne
‘Jubilee Crown’ by Jolene Heckman

‘Jubilee Crown’ Roomset by Jolene Heckman
‘Shining Diamonds’ by Maike Thoma
‘Shining Diamonds Room’ by Maike Thoma

‘Jubilee Design’ by Nicky Ovitt

‘Jubilee Design Room’ Nicky Ovitt

‘Crowns Detail’ by Simon Reeves

‘Crowns Room’ Simon Reeves

‘Let There Be Light’ by Veronica Galbraith
‘Let There Be Light Room’ by Veronica Galbraith

‘Diamonds Swatch’ by Femi Ford
‘Diamonds’ by  Femi Ford

‘Jubilee’ by Natalie Alexander
‘Jubilee Room’ by Natalie Alexander
‘Union’ by Anna Duffy

 ‘Union’ Room set by Anna Duffy
‘Jubilee’ by Deborah Velasquez

 ‘Jubilee’ Room set by Deborah Velasquez

 ‘Diamonds’ by Miranda Mol

‘Diamonds’ Room set by Miranda Mol

‘Diamond’ by Lauren Britchford
 ‘Diamond Room’ by Lauren Britchford
‘Jubilee Gardens’ by Maggie Dunne
‘Jubilee Gardens’ Room set by Maggie Dunne
You can also read the blog series showcasing our amazing Module 3 graduates by following the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 & Part 6! Don’t miss out on our next run of Module 3 ‘Monetising Your Designs’ which is running 3rd September 2012! Click here for more information!
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