Module 2 Final Showcase – Part 4

Yet more exciting & talented work to share with you today from our wonderful Module 2 e-course students! You can check out all of the amazing things happening for our students on the ‘Student Buzz’ section of the e-course Facebook. You can even follow us on Twitter: @SurfacePatternD!

Cute ‘Doodle Owls’ Collection by Julie Lalonde

Fiery ‘Bear & Bird’ by Karen McGregor
Bright ‘Happy Hills’ by Kathryn Pledger
Organic ‘Poppies’ by Kayleigh Walls

Repeat pattern ‘In Flight Collection’ by Kirsten Miller

Cultural ‘Aranya’ by Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

Floral & contrasting ‘Tangerine Roses’ by Laura Wooten

Black & white ‘Birdcages’ by Laurie Baars

Dramatic ‘In Full Bloom’ by Liesel Beukes

Quirky ‘Birdville’ by Lesley Todd

Pretty ‘Summer’ by Lily Reilly

Naturalistic ‘Morning Walk’ Collection by Petra Kern

Bold ‘Bloom’ by Zoe Attwell
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