ArtsCase Phone Cases have arrived!

My brand new range of phone cases with US licensing partner ArtsCase have landed! I am so excited about this collection which we showcased at Top Drawer last week as part of our licensed range. They recieved a lot of interest & I am so happy that everyone loves them as much as we do!

Artscase are passionate about style & their team ‘focuses on not compromising functionality over good looks!’ Their brand is about introducing personal devices that match your lifestyle & personality!

My range has 6 colourful & bright designs to choose from, showcasing my signature look! They are available in the Apple iPhone 4/4s/5 & the Samsung Galaxy SII/Galaxy Note/Galaxy SIII. You can shop the entire collection here. I hope you like them!


‘Doodle Squares’

‘Ghost Leaves’

‘Organic Origin’

‘Organic Retro Leaves’

‘Bold Oriental’