Kindle & iPad cases!

I’m so excited to share my brand new line of iPad & Kindle cases with you today! I have collaborated with a fantastic licensing partner on this range; the lovely Solid Line Products.

I’m thrilled with the range & the fantastic quality of the products!

Designs Available for All iPad Models, Kindle,and the Kindle Fire. Simply select design for more info and customization options via the website.

Solid Line Products’ Keka™ case is fashion and style for your iPad or Kindle.

The Keka case is akin to a hardback book cover. Solid Line uses traditional book binding techniques to make the Keka. Using eco-friendly inks, the company starts by printing the designs onto the same vinyl used on race cars. A cast overlaminate is added to make it resist tears and stains as well as water. The vinyl is then wrapped around recycled book boards. And finally, a polycarbonate shell secures the tablet in place.

The Keka is available for the iPad 2, New iPad, Kindle Fire, and Kindle. The Keka for the iPad also doubles as a stand in landscape mode – just prop it up, and you’re ready for your presentation or movie. The iPad 2 and new iPad version also supports the wake on open, sleep on close feature.