Suzy Ultman

Recently Rachael announced that she is now a proud member of the Lilla Rogers Studio. For the next few months we have decided to feature a regular weekly showcase from Lilla’s esteemed group of designers & Illustrators. Today we bring you the lovely Suzy Ultman.

Suzy Ultman an illustator who was born in Pennsylvania & has lived on three continents, although she is currently based in Columbus, OH, USA.  As for moving several times, she has seen so many different cultures which have inspired her work.  Suzy is also inspired by a lot of things around her particularly when traveling, thing like this includes antique shops, flea markets, nature walks & city streets. Suzy brings bright colour palettes, embraces new textures & hand-drawn illustrations in her work. Suzy is also partners with her sister Joanna Romage, a photographer & graphic designer, the pair working together under the name ‘Zazu & Zeppe’ bringing a diverse of creativity under one name. Suzy has an online Etsy shop selling a few limited edition prints. You can find Suzy on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @suzyultman. Enjoy, Hannah.