Module 3 Graduate Showcase – Part 1

We are so proud to share the gorgeous work of some of our talented pattern course graduates. All the work shown here has come from participants of Module 3: Monetising your designs. If you want to learn about freelancing, licensing, selling outright, manufacturing, working with an agent and more, Module 3 is for you. It also includes free access to leading trend forecasting site Stylesight for a limited period AND our little black book of industry contacts! 

“The most wonderful thing about this course would have to be Rachel and Beth’s willingness to share such a vast amount of information about this industry. A close second is the amazing community that surronds this class and their support means the world to me as I begin my new career path.” Abby Zweifel (Pomelo & Pomelo)

“The most powerful element of this course has been having an inspiring young designer teaching it! Rachael has allowed me to see that it is possible to start your own label young and to not be afraid to leap in, experiment and learn along the way. Its great to hear advice straight from the source and having the opportunity to ask questions, rather than from static books all the time” Jazmine Bradley

“The ABSPD course has changed my life… First off, it’s helped me find my way when it comes to my personal style, and has helped me to understand how important it is to be ME in my work. But It’s also equipped me with what I need to run a business. When I began the course, I was a little lost and unsure — and now I feel like I have a clear direction for my future as a Surface Designer, and the confidence to make it happen! Huge thanks to Rachael and Beth!!” Elizabeth Olwen

‘This course has given me all the inspiration, business know-how, and instruments to turn my illustrations (handmade with cloth and paper) into digital product designs. Happy me!’ Dieuwertje van de Moosdijk

“The most powerful element of this course for me has been Rachael’s constant enthusiasm for the design process and her love of design. Her encouragement to get away from the computer and back to drawing and designing organically has freed me to be more creative than I have been able to be for such a long time.” Sarah Paris Style

“This course was a real eye opener to all the possibilities in the world of surface and pattern design. I learned that while my style does not apply to all, it’s about finding your niche and going for it.” Leska Hamaty

“This course has provided me with the confidence to just go for it, and turn what I love to do, in to something real. The business elements of the course are priceless and worth every penny invested in to the course.” Jennie Whitham

“The most powerful element of the course for me has been the guidance Rachael has provided in finding our individual, signature styles. This has really helped me to re-discover the key elements of my style and to develop them further.” Gwenyth Macnamara

“The most important element that this course has provided me is confidence and self belief! I needed to believe that i CAN ‘do what i love for life’ and thanks to this wonderful course helping me along the way, i have gone from strength to strength in setting up my own design studio Hole & Corner. This is the beginning.. i’ll take what i have learned from Modules 2&3, inject all of ME and continue to create my designs to share with the world ;)” Sarah Nickson

“The most powerful elements of the course is the Bonus Technical workshops and the lessons on design. Having this expert knowledge from Rachael and Beth has helped me as a designer” Tiffany Designs

“The wealth of information and inspiration shared by Rachael and Beth has been invaluable. Along with the amazing community that has been created with fellow designers, the course has inspired me and provided me with a solid base of knowledge from which to build upon. I’m very excited about what the future may hold.” Zoe Attwell

“The most powerful part of the course was the openness of Rachael who willingly gave us her secrets on how she became successful as a designer. Her knowledge proved invaluable.” Pauline “Muffin” Grayson

“As a surface pattern designer with no formal training the course has given me a creative push as well as industry information that it would have taken years to learn alone.” Cara Holland

“The course powerfully upgraded my technical skills and increased my creative confidence.” kirsten Miller

“Overall the ABSPD course has been an invaluable resource and if possible I have learnt more about the design industry than I did at Uni! But one of the best things about the course has been ‘meeting’ and learning with other like minded people all across the globe, everyone is so supportive to each other and I’m sure we will all stay in touch long after the course.” Rebecca Greenwood (Littletree Designs)

“The business part of this course was so valuable! It has given me the confidence to reach for my dream and start my own brand.” Emma Hawman

Module 2 has started but if you are quick you have until Thursday the 24th to squeeze in. Find out more and register here!