Module 3 Graduate Showcase – Part 3

It is always exciting to see graduates’ work come through, and this Module 3 class have excelled themselves. We are like proud mamas! Have a look at their gorgeous work (and kind words) – don’t you just love the variety of styles and personalities coming through?

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“The course has empowered me with the knowledge & steps it will take to be an independent surface designer. Before this class I was lost and didn’t know how to jump start my independent design career. Now I have the roadmap & steps to lead me onward and upward! The course helped me to realize the importance of drawing again & that I should embrace my own style because that’s what sets us apart from one another. Thank you for giving me faith in myself and my artistic abilities. The class has been so positive!” Suzie Tremel

“The course has given me the knowledge and confidence to follow my passion for art through surface design. THANK YOU ever so much!” Vicky Pont
“With the talent and diversity that already exists in the surface pattern design industry, the course has shown that the way forward for me personally, is to create work that comes from the heart… The course has given me the confidence to develop designs which I myself am happy with first, and the natural extension of this is that I cannot wait to show the world what I can and love to do!” Sonal Nathwani
“What I appreciate the most about the e-course is that it gave me so much inspiration and made me want to design right away! No more doubt about becoming a surface pattern designer :-)” Lucia Barabas
“The most powerful element of the ABSPD Course for me, alongside the invaluable knowledge and resources, has got to be the amazing ‘community’ of like-minded, creative, pattern lovers that I have met! Being part of a supportive, creative group, has been invaluable to my confidence and development as a surface pattern designer-I have finally found my niche!” Julianne hall
“I’ve been a graphic designer in industry for nearly 10 years, but there’s always been something missing and since I “re-discovered” my love for pattern and joy in actually creating them a new sense of purpose developed in my career prospects. For me the most powerful element of the course definitely was the hands-on advice, real life information and the focused technical skills that Rachael shared so effortlessly. The course felt as if I literally received the know-how in person. With the gentle support and exercises I feel like I developed a new set of skills that can help me actually be a surface pattern designer someday. I love how especially my drawing and then digitizing the drawings into patterns developed and allowed me to grow as a designer.” Ilana Kapp
“The course has guided me in order to fulfil my dream and become a surface pattern designer. It has helped me to reconnect with traditional design while using my hands, to be constantly looking out for new shapes and patterns, to be positive and believe in myself, to get to know the avant-garde through new spaces and blogs, to understand that trends are all around us and even to be able to start my own business. It has been incredible!” Ione de Aranzabal Odriozola
“I have worked as a graphic designer for a long time, but have learned such an incredible amount during the course. Doing this course has given me the confidence to follow my own style and make the work that I really love.” Onneke van Waardenburg
“The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course has helped me develop my style as a designer, schooled me on the business side of things, and has awarded me the confidence to show my designs to the world!” Robin Zietz
“The most powerful element of the course for me has been getting a good idea about how to become a Surface Pattern Designer and what steps I need to put into place to make that happen. The course has helped me develop as a designer by giving me the skills and motivation to create patterns which in turn has opened up a whole new creative world for me which I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Rachael and Beth.” Kathryn Pledger
“The most powerful elements of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course for me have been the exercises and briefs provided in class and sharing examples in the flickr group with fellow classmates. By being challenged to create within certain guidelines or push my creativity beyond what I’m used to has helped me create better designs and discover new methods. Having a community of fellow artists to bounce ideas off of or get feedback from in the flickr group has been wonderful and I hope to maintain these contacts.” Shalece Elynne
“The ABSPD course really has been life changing experience. I never would have believed I could learn so much is so little time. I will be eternally grateful for all of the opportunities it has given me. Rachael and Beth, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” Gillian Hollingsworth
“Thank-you so much for all the time and effort that has been put into this class. When module 1 started in the spring I knew nothing… I mean nothing about this business or how to construct a design. The scope and outreach you have done has now pushed me to design everyday and start a babyblog with those designs. I am not ready to sell my designs yet but because of the positive energy and urging done in this class I feel confident one day I will. The call for designs, (live and showcase) were the biggest boost for me to produce and complete a design. It is an honor to call myself a graduate of this course.” Susan O’Neil
“This course has completely blown my mind wide open to the possibilities of surface pattern design. Rachael presents a whole bag of print worlds from the inside out. As an experienced fashion designer with 20 years industrial experience and thousands of yards of fabric production under my belt this course threw open the doors in my head that have constrained me within ‘fashion’ textiles. I loved it. Loved meeting all the online students and chatting about our print experiences. Loved looking inside Rachael’s printy world, and greatly looked forward each week to the industry experts chatting away and sharing their worlds. Sad this course is over. Delighted I can keep chatting with my new SPD friends in our online group. I would highly recommend this course for young and older minds alike, as well as those with design or fine art experience. ABSPD is an excellent addition to my toolbox.” Jo-Anne Anderson
You can also join us for the next run of Module 1: Designing Your Way, which begins on the 29th of April & for Module 2 : Creating Your Professional Identity, which begins August 19th. You could be on your way to becoming a fully fledged surface pattern designer just like these graduates!