Evermade are a fantastic company selling gorgeous art prints.

“Everyone’s an art collector! You don’t need a monocle and a moustache to own an art collection; with Evermade, you can find unique gems that your friends won’t have, without breaking the bank.”

Evermade produces top quality prints with a selection of fresh & talented designers & they are always scouting for new artists.

Take a look at their cool website, follow them on their blog, Twitter or Facebook or have a gander at their shop!

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish By Chris Piasick

Hand Drawn Map of London By Jenni Sparks
2013 Year Planner By Kerry Hyndman

Life’s a Beach…and then you die By Sam Bevington

No Hats Indoors By Jamie Jones

“Art Is What You Can Get Away With” Andy Warhol Quote
Illustration By Chris Piasick

Smile at a Stranger By Jenny Cox

How do you like your eggs? By Emily Barraclough

Take a Chance
By Sam Bevington