Gift Guide: Goodbye

Hi all, Leonie here, the gift-guide editor for this lovely blog. Unfortunately, as of next week I’ll be heading onto pastures new. I’ve loved working with Rachael and her wonderful team of bloggers and I’ve gotten so much out of the amazing inspiration that Hannah, Justine, Emily and MaJo share. Rachael very kindly allowed me the opportunity to tell y’all a bit about my work. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief and next week we’ll have one last hurrah with a Mega Gift Guide of Awesomeness (that is its official name).

Unlike Rachael and the girls, I’m not a talented designer; I’m a writer. I’ve long been enthusiastic about art, design and crafts and although I work across a vast range of industries, I am leaning towards specialising in these areas. I create punchy, witty and persuasive copy for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Having really great content is absolutely vital in this digital age. Using language and a voice that suits your brand will help you stand out from the crowd and it will turn prospects into returning customers. It’s one of those important things that people overlook because writing product descriptions and producing marketing materials can be a chore. Fortunately, I love it. At the moment my DIY website is under construction, although there is a functioning ‘About’ page and contact details if you ever fancy getting in touch.
But enough about me, how fabulous is this pillow from Magpie Miller? A great housewarming gift, wouldn’t you say?
I hope you’ve enjoyed the gift-guides, thanks ever so much for reading! Leonie xx