Module 1 Showcase – Part 2

We are thrilled to showcase some more of the beautiful work from our previous class of designers from the module 1 class (from the December 2012 class). We are very proud of the beautiful work this class submitted.

“I have been staggered by the quality of this course and the variety of content included. It is a rare gem when someone with so much experience is willing to share what she has learnt along the way – I really cant wait to build on this course with Modules 2 and 3!” Victoria Price

“I love how this course has encouraged me to return to the humble, yet wonderful art of experimentation. Through experimentation, I have become more open minded and relaxed about how I approach my work.” Anne Waters anne carey

“Module 1 was greatly helped to understand and make pattern for me. Especially the week 4 course which was very good.” Ria Choi

“What really helped me from this course is the demystification of pattern design. I would stress so much about what is expected, now I have a much clearer idea of what is needed. What really counts is originality, color and imagination and paying attention to trends is very important. But one can become a trend-setter having a unique style and with their designs! Thank You so much.” Lisa Rivas

“This first module has really helped me to have more freedom with my design process. I am experimenting more and not getting so hung up on things having to look perfect.” Karen Lewis

“The best thing about this course for me was the freedom it gave my designing. I have always been following briefs and tight deadline but this course brought back the fun into my creating. I have remembered just how much fun my sketchbook can be!” Poppy Westwell

“This course has filled me with the inspiration, the courage and the confidence to just get on with it! To get on with designing and sketching and drawing to create surface pattern. If I’d have seen some of my patterns before I started the course I wouldn’t have believed they’d have come from men – It’s been amazing and I can’t wait for the next modules.” Kate Cornish

“The most powerful element of the course for me was the confidence boost that it has given me to create my very own unique designs and send them out into the world. It has really opened my eyes up to the amazing possibilites of a career in surface design. It’s my dream to have my own fabric line one day, and I really believe that I’m now on my way.” Camille Condon

“The week on colour was so powerful for me and has completely changed my design style and the way I work; I had always worked in black & white but the colour week opened my eyes to the use of colour, where to find inspiration for it and how to use it confidently. The course has helped me to find my design style again, but more importantly it has given me the confidence to be a designer. ” Lisa-Anne Burgoyne

“The most powerful element of the course is simply that it guides you smoothly through the design process in small simple steps and allows you to indulge in the playing and experimenting necessary to evolve. Even if it contains elements that you’ve done already or know you should do, it’s the fact that it takes you along a path, you follow it, you have a lovely time and you come out the other end as a surface pattern designer – the limits of this being down to how much work you’re prepared to put into it.” Jo Taylor

If you have ever dreamt of seeing your designs on stationery, homewares, fabric or other products, our next session of classes begins on 29 April with Module 1, registration is open here.