Module 3 Exciting Announcement – Part 1!

Mitas & Co are a company founded by Rachel Mitas who has more than decade’s experience within the home furnishings industry. The business was set up to promote new talents & designs & they offer bespoke services.

This fantastic company, for the second time during the run of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)‘, has created a live brief for our students to get stuck into! We are thrilled that Mitas & Co are one of our many contributors that will be offering a chance for our students to get their designs in front of some of the design industry’s leading practitioners!

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Diamond Dust by Georgia Simmonds
St Paul’s Cathedral by Sam Wingate
Queen of Diamonds by Polly Alizarin Harvey
Lady Bird by Binita Trivedi
Oh, Sweet Pea! by Alice Thompson
The Pequod by Alix Bigois Jeambrun