Artist Review: Kathe Fraga

I am thrilled to be able to share some inspirational art with you every Tuesday morning as Rachael’s new ‘Art and Creative Writer’. This week, we’re featuring the romantic paintings of Kathe Fraga.
Kathe is an artist currently living on a small island near Seattle although she has spent time in France, England, South America and Denmark and has been influenced by the aged grandeur of the buildings she has visited.
She uses acrylic paints on frescoed canvas which she finishes with lacquer and is inspired by antique wallpapers, chinoiserie, vintage kimonos and hand embroidery – elements of which are used as motifs in her work.
I love the romance conveyed in her paintings which have beautiful names like, ‘A Rustle of Feathers, A Whisper of Love’, ‘That Soft Summer Day When You First Said Hello’ and ‘Love Poems – Soft Kisses’. More loveliness next Tuesday, Justine x