Funny Friday Quote!

Happy Friday everyone, I don’t normally feel like I’m on a countdown for the weekend but the last few weeks have really took it out of me. Juggling work, motherhood & unexpected extra commitments have really zapped my energy levels. I’m not the complaining type (usually…) & this is by no means a complaint. I feel truly blessed & thankful everyday for the life that I’m living & the amazing opportunities that have came my way.

Just sometimes things can get on top of you, stress you out & not go to plan & you just have to ride the rollercoaster that comes with life whether it’s good, bad, amazing & even *mundane at times (*referring to boring admin jobs here…).

This funny image sourced via Pinterest made me laugh a LOT! Whatever you are doing I hope you have a great weekend, unwind, relax, laugh & celebrate because life is too short to sweat the small stuff!