Interiors Roundup – Fab Room Makeovers!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Interiors Roundup post!

While we love to discuss the little things that can make your space feel more complete, today we’re focusing on the bigger picture A.K.A,  that BIG interior design itch. If you’re a creative who loves design, you’ll know exactly what we mean: it’s when you’re really over a room & desperate for some fresh design. Whether you’re bored of the carpets, the wallpaper, or the furnishings, you just know that you just want to completely revamp the space. We’ve been browsing lots of amazing modern interiors via our Pinterest page, & we thought that we would share some for inspiration. We also have a lovely collection of Rachael Taylor desinger bits & bobs to help you achieve that modern space you crave.

We’re not going to sugar coat it – revamping an entire space can be daunting, but we want to help show that it’s completely worth it (& that it doesn’t always have to be too difficult!). Depending on your space, you may need to completely start from scratch. We suggest this page & this blog for a great list of budget DIY room makeovers! With some help from Rachael, you can also change the room colour or wallpaper, add some new furnishings, incorporate a tiny pop of colour, or add some soft textiles!

Finally, we’ve picked our favorite images for revamped spaces which we think are both lovely & great for your inspirational needs! Tweet us some of your DIY interior design projects that you’ve completed so we can share & further our creative inspo!

Image via

We love the balance of bright colour & shabby chic furniture in this kitchen!


Image via Tammy Manet

Beautiful blue with organic floral & natural imagery & stylish furnishings!


Image via

Crisp & clean, but not skimping on the colour – we love it!


Image via

This lounge feels so enchanting with the high ceilings, books & eclectic additions!


Posted by: Holly