Interiors Roundup – Pretty Plants!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our regular Interiors Roundup posts, because we really enjoy writing them! In these little posts we get to explore all sorts of design trends, along with the respective shapes, textures & colours, which we hope to inspire you with.

While there are tons of fabrics, paints, wallpapers, & interior accessories to help bring life into your home, today we want to explore the more organic sources of inspiration: plants! They come in all shapes and sizes – some grow tall, some grow wide, & some just climb wherever they can. One thing is for sure, they can bring a wealth of life into your space & be a great source of colour (especially green!) in rooms lacking a palette.

We’ve selected some fab photos below that feature interior design with plants. Each room has a different plant & a different feel, & we want to touch on what we like about them.


We love how these bright green beauties contrast with the crisp & clean theme of this room. It really adds a bit of character to the uppper half of the space where the architecutre is a little more clinical and modern. (Image via Interior Design Files)015d86218a389b6ce9831f44cdab5bea


In a much humbler space, these plants give this otherwise empty corner a big presence, & make great use of the adorable, shabby chic ladder. Each little plant – seemingly with it’s own little personality – makes up a quaint little family of greenery in this space. (Image via At Mine)p1

The hanging plants in this house really bring the lounge & upper level together as one. Balconies and mezzanines make for a great plant-place, especially plants (like these) that are long and hang, as they fill the airy, dead space made by the high ceilings. They also add a fab pop of colour to this eclectic room! (Image via Apartment Therapy)p2


Similar to the ladder photo, this wall feature of frames, plants, & shelves bring lots of life to this humble work area. This space feels particularly balanced by the placement of differing plants both on the floor & atop the shelves. A peaceful desk to work at, no doubt, with it’s minimalist design & infusions of greenery. (Image via Residence Style).p3


If you don’t like the maintenance of tons of small plants, sometimes all you need is one! This climber is a perfect pop of colour against  the white backdrop, & really balances the room. (Image via Sea of Girasoles).p5

Posted by: Holly