Terrific Tuesday – 10 Acts of Kindness to Try!

Hello everyone – welcome back to the RT blog!

As many of you may have heard (since it was posted all over the news & broadcast on the radio!) yesterday was apparently the most unhappy day of the year. ‘Blue Monday‘ was supposedly a day that marked the height of people abandoning their New Year resolutions, when we were in the worst of the post-Christmas financial slump & when the weather was at its darkest & coldest.

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’re really not keen on deeming a day unhappy, especially before it even begins! Not only that, we like to think we are a much more positive bunch than we’ve been given credit for! So rather than give into the negativity, we’ve decided to follow up “Blue Monday” with ‘Terrific Tuesday!’

To help you make Tuesday terrific, we’ve got 10 random acts of kindness that you can try this week to counter any unhappy wobbles you (or those around you) have had. You might be wondering, “But if I’m feeling the Monday blues, what’s in it for me?” – LOTS! When we are positive, ecouraging & kind to others, it can make a BIG difference for everyone. We’re sure you’ll be feeling much better when you see how a tiny act of kindness can bring a smile to the faces of your family, friends, colleagues & even strangers. We’ve even got a little quote below, designed by the lovely Rachel Corcoran, to help inspire you:


So, here they are – 10 random acts of kindness to try this week.

1) Make a hand-made card for someone you love, respect, miss or just appreciate!

2) Pay for the coffee or meal of the person behind you in the drive-through!

3) Bake some yummy things & share them with your colleagues!

4) Leave a hidden love note for that special someone, maybe in their wallet or pocket!

5) Volunteer over the weekend or after work at a charity or shelter!

6) Give up your seat on the train, tram, or bus to someone who might need it!

7) Compliment those around you – let them know what you like about them!

8) Smile at those who meet your eye – they are contagious!

9) Make time for a friend you’ve not seen in a while – try a lunch date or the cinema!

10) Be understanding of others’ situations – offer to listen & be a support for them!

Happy smiling everyone!

Posted by: Holly