Designer Feature – Leigh Viner

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone has had a lovely bank holiday weekend! We’ve certainly had a fabulous Easter in the Rachael Taylor Studio – we’ve spent time with family & friends, enjoyed some chocolate treats & had a nice little break.

Hopefully you all got a chance to get in some you-time during your break, but if you didn’t, we’ve got some creative inspiration to give you a little boost. Recently, Rachael has been admiring the wonderful artwork of Leigh Viner, a fashion & lifestyle artist & illustrator from Denver, Colorado. Commenting on her own work & style, Leigh says,

I love to bring a lot of emotion into my work recapturing those little moments in my life. I am also greatly influenced by the fashion industry as I have always had an interest in Fashion Design and the aspects that make up an editorial in fashion/photography/makeup..

We absolutely love Leigh’s use of colour, especially in contrast with hand-drawn, minimalist illustrations & white backgrounds. Her style is unique, bright, high-fashion, feminine & really demonstrates her wonderful artistic ability. Below are some of our favourite pieces in Leigh’s Etsy shop. Each one boasts a vibrant & beautiful combination of colour, used to accentuate hair, makeup & fashion that would fit perfectly into a studio or workspace, or as a focal point in your home.

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We hope Leigh’s fabulous work has given you some artistic inspiration. We think it’s also given us a few tips on fashion & beauty too! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop link above!

Posted by: Holly