Designer Feature – Eloïse Héritier!

Hello everyone!

Happy Tuesday & welcome back to the RT blog! Today we want to give you some more creative inspiration to get you doodling, colouring, sketching & making more artwork!

One way that we like to do that is by browsing Instagram, Pinterest & websites like which is filled with gorgeous illustration & graphic design work from all over!

We recently came across the French graphic designer & illustrator named Eloïse Héritier. Eloïse’s work, which focuses largely on portraits & fashion, is full of colour, style & personality. We especially love how her artwork is candid & photo-like with a focus on the unique fashion choices of her subjects.

Texture is also a huge part of Eloïse’ work & we adore her hand-drawn, stippled style. All in all we think a quick peek at her portfolio will leave you artistically & fashionably inspired. Below are a few of our favourites; stay creative everyone!

image image image image image image image

Posted by: Holly