Studio News – Fit For Keeps Giftware Range

Hello there! Today we have some super exciting news about a new collaboration between Rachael & fitness brand Fit For Keeps!

We were thrilled when Sarah from Fit For Keeps got in touch with Rachael & commissioned her to create a range of giftware designs to go on notebooks, mugs & phone cases to sell in the FFK shop (now available!)

Fit For Keeps is a team effort between Jenny Garside (personal trainor & UIBBN World Figure Champion) & Sarah (Mum of two & previously Global Brand Director of female super brand ghd). They founded Fit For Keeps Ltd in 2014 to create a brand that offers women what they want from Fitness, to motivate them & to break down the barriers that hold them back.

You can view the range on-line & read an interview with Rachael on their blog. Below is an extract from the interview:

What do you think of the Tuffit and the Fit for Keeps concept?

“I absolutely love the concept, its brilliant. I’m currently renovating my home and designing a lot of bespoke furniture myself. I think the Tuffit is so clever and brilliantly designed. As like most people you definitely don’t want ugly gym furniture ruining your interiors. I love the company and brand ethos and I especially love that Sarah and Jenny are mumpreneurs running a successful and innovative business.”

“It’s so inspiring as I know that many women feel like they have to give up their careers when they have children, as so many companies do not support family/flexi time, which is sad and disappointing to witness. It’s great to see that women can make a business work around their families needs. Being a start up company is tricky in the beginning and Fit for Keeps are doing a great job doing something that they love. They are definitely one to watch and it’s been a privilege to work with them.”

The giftware range is designed exclusively for Fit For Keeps by Rachael Taylor & features three brand new designs. Our favourite is the ‘today is a perfit day’ mug & box set. What’s yours?

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