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Hello everybody & happy Monday!

Welcome back to our Blogs We Love series! Today we want to share a couple of our favourite resources for interior design inspiration. While there are a wealth of amazing, useful & trendy interior blogs out there, today we’ve chosen two long-running online publications which helped paved the way for other home / trend / lifestyle writers out there today.

These Classic Interiors blogs also provide artistic inspiration to their readers & even offer up advice around maintaining a happy, healthy & organised home life. You really can find it all on these blogs & we know you’ll love them as much as we do! Oh & if you’re looking for some fab books to have on display in your home, be sure to check out the ‘shop’ section of these blogs – both founders have gone on to be established authors & have some really gorgeous books for sale around interior design! Happy reading everyone!


 If you are a big lover of interior design articles, gorgeous home photography, DIY ideas & keeping up with the latest in home trends, Apartment Therapy is definitely your next blog to bookmark! Founded by professional ‘apartment therapist’ Maxwell Ryan, AP strives to provide people with the tools they need to live a stylish, organised, happy & comfortable home life. Since 2001 Maxwell has grown his original AT newsletter into a wonderfully thorough resource for those wanting to develop their own interior design skills.

We love that AT has interior design tips, tricks & inspo for all sorts of spaces, from tiny apartments to big homes, accommodating all sorts of budgets in the process. Since Rachael has been renovating her own home over the last year (check out her latest post here!), we especially like the sections around renovations, with brilliant sub-categories for each room in the house. Not only that, they cover garden spaces too! If you’re looking to buy a place, we’d also suggest having a thorough browse as they give plenty of help around real estate, budget living & being thrifty!

Below are some of the lovely images you can find on Apartment Therapy. There really is no end to the resourcefulness & inspirational content on this wonderful blog. Be sure to subscribe to the social media channels like Instagram & Pinterest to for lots of daily inspo!


image image



Any lover of design & interiors blogs will definitely have come across decor8. This fabulous blog, established by the talented Holly Becker in 2004, has mad a massive impact on the design blogging community online & has over a decade of experience in inspiring us with design & lifestyle tips & tricks! Holly now has a full team working along side her, continuing to grow her creative biz – we think she is a wonderful inspiration & are so happy decor8 continues to grow!

One of our favourite aspects of d8 are the Home Tours, which take us into the design styles & homes of creative folk all over the world! Not only that, Holly has incorporated many additional categories like DIY, recipes, arts & crafts & (our favourite) colour inspo! So not only is decor8 a practical & handy interior design blog to follow, it also provides  lots of crafty creative inspiration that we think is fab!

Here are a couple of the gorgeous images from the d8 website – we love the stylised photography style featured on Holly’s blog & the creative variety she & her team offers to us readers. Be sure to follow their Instagram & Pinterest too for non-stop inspo!


We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! Don’t forget you can also get lots of interiors inspo from the RT blog too! Check back on Thursday’s for our Interiors Roundup series & for the Rachael Taylor Renovation Project! As an extra bit of inspo, here’s a peek at Rachael’s latest home projects, including a snug room makeover & a guest room revamp!


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