Interiors Roundup – Feng Shui Shelves!

Hello everybody!

We hope everybody has had a wonderful week & are feeling refreshed! We are nearing the end of the summer & that means a lot of us are gutting, organising, re-arranging & de-cluttering our homes before the Autumn rolls in.

While there are definitely a lot of household items that end up as clutter in our homes, some common ones are books, magazines, papers & smaller ornament-type items like candles, photos & ceramics. These bits & bobs can often end up in boxes under the bed, in disorganised piles around your home & can even start to make your space less enjoyable to be in.

So what’s the solution? Is there a way to keep your favourite books, magazines & trinkets without the cluttered look? & how are you meant to display them while keeping your place looking clean & contemporary? After a bit of interiors research & some Pinterest browsing, we think the answer is in unique, stylish shelving ideas!

Say goodbye to overloaded bookshelves & hello to some Feng Shui shelving! There are tons of stylish & trendy ways to show off your most treasured books & trinkets, whether it’s on a converted step ladder or in an old barn door – the options are endless! To give you some inspiration & some ideas for your own home, take a look below at some fab examples we’ve collated.  A little tip we’d share is to first get rid of any non-essentials in your pile – that way you’re only organising & displaying the items that make you happy!

If you feel particularly inspired by any of these fab alternative bookshelves, be sure to check out our Pinterest Likes where we’ve saved all these ideas & more!

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Posted by: Holly