Interiors Roundup – Beautiful Beds!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! Since we’ve had some chilly weather over the last few days, today we wanted to make our post a little cosier than our normal Springtime posts! Today we are sharing some bed-spiration for those who love a decadently decorated bedroom!

For some, a bed is just somewhere to sleep, but for an interior design lover, a bed can also double as beautiful centrepiece within a space. Given the right styling & design touches, a bed can fill a room with a sense elegance & can really show off your personal style.

There are so many options to choose from when perfecting your sleeping space. Statement-making pieces like headboards, canopies & frames can really set the tone for the overall look of your bed,  which can then be complimented with lovely bedding & blankets, throw pillows & cushions & even fun plushes if it suits your style!

Today we’ve collated some stylish & eye-catching bedding from Instagram & have also shared some of Rachael’s own licensed Bed-in-a-Bag designs with the fabulous Deny Designs! We encourage you to get creative & stylish with your beds – they may be for sleeping but as these gorgeous photos prove, they can really show off your interior design style & add lots of life to your space!

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Posted by: Holly