Doodle Therapy

I think a bit of doodle therapy can be so important for creatives so today I wanted to share a little idea that I always encourage my students on the Make it in Design courses to do.

Grab a large sheet of paper or card & stick it to the wall… then just draw & doodle away for the fun of it without worrying about the end result. I’d recommend using a range of pens from thick pens (like Berol & Sharpies) to thinner weights. I personally recommend just sticking to black & white (it will save you getting hung up on colour & limiting yourself). Use a variety of pen weights & media & just scribble away. You could also do this with chalk & a chalkboard too.

It’s great to just draw aimlessly & it’s a lovely thing to do with kids. I’ve got a bit of a festive forest going on here. I’m not really sure where it’s going but it doesn’t matter…

If you’re feeling a bit stressed or just need a break from the computer then I’d really encourage you to pick up the pens & paper. Why don’t you share your creations with me on Twitter or Instagram?

Feel like you need some prompts? My book ’20 Ways To Draw a Doodle’ is full of ideas to get you started.

Have fun!

Rachael xoxo