Feeling Grateful

This is my totally cheesy happy face but I’m feeling very grateful right now for all of the opportunities that I receive through both my design studio & sister company Make it in Design. I do work my socks off for things but equally I’m very lucky that the hard work has paid off & some things have genuinely been accidental or totally spontaneous & unexpected too. There’s all sorts of stuff going on behind the scenes which I hope I can share with you soon including some exciting collaborations & big projects. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your continued support & for following my creative whirlwind & adventures.

This week I’ve been working on something different for a new project that’s going on behind the scenes. I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with new colour combinations & motifs!

I’ve always loved this quote so much it’s always kept me going when things have been tough over the years or I’ve worked crazy hours & made sacrifices. The hard work definitely pays off though & setting up my own business was definitely the best thing ever & it’s been extremely rewarding (but I’ll be honest it’s been so testing at times, however I wouldn’t have it any other way). Here’s to all the entrepreneurs & risk takers out there keep going! (Quote shared by Carrie Green on Instagram).

Rachael xoxo