Thursday Inspo – We Love Ultra Violet!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another Thursday Inspo blog! Today we want to dive into the wonderful world of Ultra Violet, which was recently revealed as Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’! Since the announcement, we’ve been so excited to see this gorgeous colour popping up everywhere & are loving how a colour trend like this can set so much creativity in motion.

Describing the incredibly rich shade of purple, Pantone says that Ultra Violet is a “dramatically provocative & thoughtful purple shade” & we couldn’t agree more! This deep, gorgeous colour pushes us out of our comfort zones in terms of design & makes us think larger than life! It’s a colour that evokes imagery from all things mystical & cosmic & we really can’t get enough.

As we’ve been spotting this colour trend emerging, today we wanted to share some of our favourite examples of Pantone18-3838 Ultra Violet that have popped up on Instagram so far. These images show the versatility of this amazing colour & speak to just how influential Pantone continues to be. We especially love how Ultra Violet is making its way into more interior design too – it’s lovely to see entire purple walls, gorgeous violet sofas & throws & even purple pops in artwork.

Below are some examples of the impact of Ultra Violet so far – if you love purple as much as we do, be sure to stay tuned to #ultraviolet to feel inspired & for your purple fix! Why not try creating some of your own artwork inspired by Ultra Violet? You never know what amazing thing you’ll create when given inspiration like this!

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Posted by: Holly